Guangzhou Fengwang Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2008, located in beautiful town of Huadu District, Guangzhou city, China. It covers nearly 40,000 square meters, and employees are more 200 persons, and is equipped with 200 sets of production machine.

As a professional zipper manufacturer, our main products is plenty of zippers, dyeing, luggage, meanwhile we produce the products of honeycomb board, rail nest plate, plastic rod tube, bullet tub, small bread tube etc. Main product zipper is developed with the foundation of plate and plastic industry and expanded these years. We can provide the products and service with good quality, rapid delivery and competitive cost, so our products are sold well over domestic market and all over the world. Meanwhile we have got good respect from majority customers.

Modern management is carried out in our company, so we place company culture and staff quality on top stage. "We aim to strength team cooperation and innovation and insist top quality and business credit. So ISO9001 system is carried out in whole company, and then it bring us to absorb the advanced technology and experience from competitor and customer so that we can integrate our supply chain. So thus we can creative more value and go ahead with customer together. Furthermore we can do our best to achieve the social value.